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Because of you, dedicated young men and women have means to serve.

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In record numbers, young men and young women from around the globe are feeling the desire to serve. Not all have the financial resources, however, to fully fund a full-time mission. Generous donors provide needed funding so that all who want to serve a full-time mission may do so. These missionaries not only bring blessings to the lives of the many people they serve and teach, but they are also blessed in return for their service as they gain communication and leadership skills.

Sister Lorna Tjong-Ayong serving in the Utah Provo Mission Sister Lorna Tjong-Ayong serving in the Utah Provo Mission

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More than 35 percent of the current missionary force needs at least partial assistance from the General Missionary Fund to serve. In 2013, President Monson invited members to help support these missionaries in their efforts to serve the Lord in a meaningful way. Donations really do help “change and save lives.”

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